* Akasha *

A gift from Dharmakaya.

It is the natural gift of desire, intention and attention ...


An Akasha Workout


What is an Akasha Workout ?


Follow the voice of your heart.



Normally if we hear the word “workout”, we think of a session of vigorous physical exercise and training,

with some fitness equipment, pain and sweat, in a gym.

After a while you will feel and see the results of your efforts.

Your body shape and condition will be better.

Good for you and good for your body, without any doubt.


An Akasha workout is the complete opposite, no physical activity, no equipment,

no pain and sweat, just joy, fun, relaxation and inner peace.

And in total an Akasha Workout will support your physical workout very well.

With even better results for your body and mind.

I think this is something we all looking for.


I am not saying or advices you to stop with your physical activities in your life .... no way !!

I only like to suggest, try the Akasha Workout also and then you can make your own decision

to ad it to your life or not.

Like everything in life ... do not belief anything but find out for yourself.


The big advance of an Akasha Workout is that you can do it on every moment,

every where and you do not need any equipment and it is for free.

There are no restrictions on age, sex or religion.

But to be honest it is not for free ... you must invest some of your time in it.

The return of investment is much more then you ever can imagine.

The more you invest the more you will harvest.

Please be aware that you are not get greedy in this.

The investment in an Akasha Workout is an investment in yourself.

An Akasha Workout is not the main purpose in your life.


It is like all thing in life, too little is not good, but too much is also not good.

The purpose of an Akasha Workout is to get everything in balance.


The only thing I can say for now ...

Try it, enjoy, have fun and get your peace of mind.


Maybe it is a little funny and a strange way to start with this workout,

but please close your eyes for a moment.

Take a deep breath and concentrate yourself on “this moment” in the “here and now.”

Breathe in the energy that comes to you from your own Akasha.


You're probably wondering yourself how it works.

Akasha is nothing else then a form of energy that is everywhere, where it is deliberately created.

Akasha is a form of energy that is present wherever you are.

So you can breathe Akasha in whenever and wherever you are.

Focus now your attention inward and imagine that you inhale a deep breath of Akasha.


Take a deep breath in ... and let everything go.


Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Now breathe out slowly.

Breathe in deeply again.

Breathe out deeply.


Try to be aware of your body, maybe you feel your heartbeat,

maybe you will experience the voice of your heart.

Try and do it again ...




Did you manage to do?


So you're going to follow the voice of your heart?

Have you committed to yourself to follow?

To follow the voice that will bring you more and more in touch with your original Akasha.

That Akasha is the only you, truly you.


It is that bubbling feeling, what is deep down inside you and wants to come out.

It is the manifestation that you really are.

The manifestation, that wants now, at this time, to be liberated.


Do you really understand what this means?

Sometimes I think, wow ..., what a lot of courage people must have to surrender

themselves to something new,

something unknown and go this path.

Because courage is what you need on this path.

More courage than you ever have shown before.


Courage is the most important quality that you must develop,

if you really want to open-up yourself.

How many times have you failed in the past by not taking the last step,

because you did not have enough courage to do so.


With a little more courage in the past, your current life must have been so much different from now.

But okay, don’t regret, there will be many new opportunities for you from now on.

But do not belief me!


Trust is an other quality we must develop, but this is much easier to do.

Often we think that this is the most difficult one to reach.

But the opposite is true.

The reason for that is, that trust is already in you, you don’t have to do anything extra for it.

Trust is already in you from the very beginning, it belongs to your origin.

But unfortunately we have lost it in time. Nevertheless it is there.

It is an deep trust in yourself and in your life.

The only thing you must learn to do is to listen more and more to your heart,

do not make a decision anymore only from your brain, but combine and make use from

the voice of your heart in the final decision.

Be aware that you will be guided by your Akasha.

Guided in everything what will come on your path.


But this is not a mandate to do nothing anymore yourself.

You can not stop acting by yourself and let everything as it is.

Being guided means that you must have the courage to change everything what must

be change to reach your targets in your life.


I you want to reach something in life there is work to be done.

Your real self is not afraid and will do what must be done.

It is brave.


Turn every stone and knock at every door on your path.

Know it is you, who must do that.

Nobody else will do that for you.

Follow the voice of your heart!


The breath of “Akasha Love”...


The experience of “The breath of Akasha Love” will help you to connect with your Akasha and

to adjust on the eternal vibration of Akasha.

Try to do this every morning and every evening for five or ten minutes or as long that you have

the feeling that you are love.

That you only act out of love or that you feel that love is all around you.


You are “Akasha Love”.


Watch how you feel after one week, after two weeks.

You will feel very closely the “Akasha Love” around you.

You will feel yourself a part of her comprehensive presence, you are completely united with her.


You will feel what an unbelievable amount of “Akasha Love” you will have and

can share with the other entities around you.


The pillars of the Universal Akasha,


To Receive, to Accept and to Give.

Those are the tree pillars of the Universal Akasha.

Open yourself and let it happen.

You are your own limitation.













Focus on the flame in this picture,

by doing this the flame will burn away all you doubts and negative thoughts.


Focus on the flame and let yourself enter in to your own Akasha.


Breathe-in this “Akasha Love” deep in your lungs and say with your entire heart:


I am “Akasha Love”


Imagine how you are close connected with a red ray of pure “Akasha Love” that will come

directly from the centre of “Akasha” and what enters in your body via

your heart-chakra in the middle of your breast.


Feel how the “Akasha Love” is flowing in you and fills you up completely.

Hold your breath for a moment and feel the love in yourself before you will exhale again.

Breath-in this “Akasha Love” slowly in to your body and say with whole your heart gently and soft:


I am “Akasha Love”


Imagine how every cell of your body is flooded and filled with this love


And when you breath-out imagine how your “Akasha Love” is shared in the eternal Universe.


Thereafter say multiple times against your own body:


I love you, I love you ...


Breath-in this “Akasha Love” slowly in to your body and say with whole your heart gently and soft:


I am “Akasha Love”


Imagine how every cell of your body is flooded and filled with this love


And when you breath-out imagine how your “Akasha Love” is shared in the eternal Universe.


Thereafter say multiple times against your own body:


I love you, I love you ...


Go on and on ... until it tickles everywhere on your entire body.


For the interest of all