The Akasha Resolutions


Living in Akasha is like everything in life a free choice,

there are no rules ... but Universe gives us some guidance.


It is up to you what to do with it ...






I will not believe in anything simply because I have heard it and it is rumored by many.

I will not believe in anything simply on the authority of others.

But after observation and analysis, when I know for myself that something,

if undertaken and practice, will lead to the welfare and happiness of one and all,

I will accept it and try to live up to it.




Before speaking, I will reflect on wether what I am about to say is true, kind and helpful.

(Even when there will be silences for a couple of days.)




Hatred never ceases through hatred; hatred ceases through non-hatred.

This is an ancient truth. I will not engage in hatred.




Whatever I keep pursuing with my thinking and pondering becomes the inclination of my awareness,

so I will watch my thoughts and their ways with care.




I will not consider the faults of others or what they have or not have done.

Rather, I will consider what I myself have done or not have done.



As a solid rock is not moved by the wind, I will not be moved by praise or blame.




I will develop and cultivate my mind

for the interest of All.






For the interest of all ...


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* Akasha *

A gift from Dharmakaya.

It is the natural gift of desire, intention and attention ...