* Akasha *

A gift from Dharmakaya.

It is the natural gift of desire, intention and attention ...


The Story ....



The Dedication ...


A Warm Welcome ...


The Premisses ...


The Surrounding ...


On the following next four subpage you can find the story of Akasha, it is an attempt to express my feelings and thoughts behind and during the realization of this project.

I have tried to put everything in what I "know" till today ... and to be honest that is not so much.


Akasha is just like Universe, every development is driven by energy and due this reason

everything is in the hands of change.

Akasha was and is the result of an ever changing process of energy.

With the help of many it was possible to "create" Akasha like it is today.

The whole process of Akasha is similar to my own development in life, it was only possible

by the help and support of many others.

They are the permanent guidance of my process, they are the reason of the current result.


For sure ... I was, and I am also a part of it, because I am a part of the total.

I am very grateful for everything that was and is given to me, every day.

All I do is just follow my intuition, not more and not less.


If you think that there is an omission, please do not hessitate to inform and correct me.