* Akasha *

A gift from Dharmakaya.

It is the natural gift of desire, intention and attention ...



A warm welcome to all of you in Akasha.


The Universal principle of nature has given Akasha :

it is the outcome of the natural flow of desire, intention and attention.

Here at this place, the Universe transformed the veiled in the reality of the now.


We hope that you will find:


pure simplicity, infinite silence, perfect balance, invincibility, knowledge and bliss.


We are all on our way to the end and a great new begin, nothing what we can do about that.

But how we arrive at Bardo, it is up to us. Our future is one and undividable.

We hope that you can be here unbounded and that you can find pure abandoned joy.


There are no owners of this place; the management of Akasha is in the hands

of the Universe and her trustees, they assured the Universe that they

will take care of this place with their heart.


Here in this place, there is no history, there is no future,

here is only the "Now" and that we call "The Present",

just see it in the holistic way as a beautiful and unexpected gift.

During your stay in Akasha you never will be alone if you want, on your personal request,

there is always available Purusha (Eternal Spirit/Deepest Self)

and also, all your gorgeous Senses/Deva's are at your service.

Just ask yourself and they will serve.


In the beginning of September 2006, we tried to create a space needed for

the "Essence"; around that "essential space" we created the buildings.

Every design/creation is coming directly from the immeasurable fountain of

pure energy transformed into creativity.

Keywords in the process of creation where;


Essential, Purposeful, Formless, Un-impressive, Spirited, Lively.


It is the sum of all our former thoughts, ideas, concept, opinions,

strategies, attitudes, programs, conditionings, decisions, experience and reflections.


In September 2007 we where ready with all the preparations and the "Path"

was free for the implementation and realization. It was the start.

As it is with all long journeys, it started with the first step.


We tried to create this space in close relation within

the Universal principals/laws and with the support of nature and humanity.

The main ingredients for this achievement are as always, energy and information.


We also realize that nothing here is permanent;

everything over here is in the hands of "transformation".


You will never face for a second time the same view.

Realize that in this place, all what you see, all what you hear,

all what you smell, all that you taste and all that you feel and think

is possibly an illusion, it is just a projection of your own mind and intellect.


You have been advised to listen to your heart and just follow your basic instinct

or intuition, let yourself be guided by your sixth sense.