* Akasha *

A gift from Dharmakaya.

It is the natural gift of desire, intention and attention ...



Let your feelings be your guide on your "Path of Hope."


There is no separation between you and the Universe; at the end we all will be united.


In this Akasha there are three fields, field number "one" the field of well-doing,

field number "two" the field of wrong-doing,

and field number "three" is situated between the fields of well-doing and wrong-doing,

in this field we will meet each other.


After a long up-hill journey in the outside world you enter Akasha

via the main-gate "The Gate of Great Rest, Wonders and Miracles" some other people

calls this gate; "The Gate of the 10.000 Things, 10.000 Sorrows and the 10.000 Blessings",

it is up to you, how you like to name it, but if you enter this gate,

please ask your self the question;


"Do I believe in wonders and miracles?"


If your answer is "Yes" then you will have a great time over here.

If your answer is "No" please open your heart and try to go with the flow of the Universe.


Behind the main-gate you will find the "Drop-off".

Please leave behind at this place, everything what you brought with you from

the outside and from your past.

Brush your inside and outside clean, be like an unspoiled lovely child.

You will find a special trash can in the corner, be advised to dump your Ego over here.

Don't worry about your Ego, it is not who you really are.

It is just your self-image; it's your social mask; it is the role you are playing in the world.

Here you don't need it.


Just follow the Path/Tao/Road in front of you, do it with your heart.

This Path/Tao/Road is covered.

When you do this there is nothing to worry about and nothing to concern.

When you follow your path with your heart, you always go in the right direction.


The main-house is the place for your daily things in this life,

it is the place for all your needs and desires, and it is the place to do your work,

and everything you need for that is available in the office.


You can relax your body and your mind in the bedroom.

Information you can collect in the library, sometimes information can be helpful

in moments if you try to understand and find yourself.

In the kitchen we have available, food and drinks to support your body, at all times,

you are more then welcome in this place.


The outside living room is the right place for a good view on the world,

the material and the non-material world.

A covered roof above the outside living room supports this view.

The five columns of the outside living room are representing "The five senses";


Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Tasting and Feeling.


But we told you before; they are all projections and illusions of your own mind and intellect.

They are based on your conscious mind.


The sum of all the senses will give you the only real sense; "The sixth sense".

This sense is the unlimited reservoir for all your answer in the quest of your life.

This sense is always right. This sense is based on your un-conscious mind.

The "one and only" who is never wrong, wherein no evil is ever discovered.


At the beginning of a new day, it is up to you to stay in bed or to get out.

It is you, who can open every new morning the sliding doors to the new world,

to the new view of the Universe and to welcome the Sun at the beginning of the new day.

If you look from the inside of the house to the outside world with your heart

and intuition, then you will have the right view on the Universe.