The garden is the place of total freedom.


It is also the field of pure potentiality.

Being in the garden and spending time in nature will give you access to the qualities of;


Infinite creativity, freedom, and bliss.


You can get entrance via; silence and non-judgment.

Go in this field and just allow yourself a certain amount of time to simply "Be".

Take some time to observe nature. Be aware that grass does not try to grow, it just grows.

Flowers do not try to bloom, they bloom. Birds do not try to fly, they fly.


The Earth does not try to spin on its own axis;

it is the nature of the earth to spin and to hurtle through space.

In nature you will find the principle of economy of effort; "do less and accomplish more.

"In nature we also can dance the divine dance of life, the dance of illusion (Maya/Lila),

on the symphony of the Universe, with love and care.


We also can see in nature the local fundamental principle of "Gotong Royong".

This is how local Central Java people working together since centuries.

This fundamental principle is based on "How can I help?" without the thought "What is in for me?"

The whole range of components in nature are playing together.

Without effort and ignorance.


Behind the garage you will find a stone stairway. "Stairway to Heaven."

You can go up and down, as many times you want, this spot is ± 1500m above sea level.

But realize that there is always a moment that you must go down again.

On top you have the best view you can get.

In front (North) of the left side you see Mt. Telomoyo ± 1921 m.


The small mountain on the right side of the Telomoyo is Mount Gajahmungkur.

In the back you see Mount Merbabu the magnificent Merbabu is the middle of Central Java Province, Merbabu comes from the word "Meru" means old and "Babu" means female or lady.

The lowest top is the Syarif ± 3119 m the higher other one is the Kenteng Songo ± 3145 m.

The first big eruption was 1560 and the latest bigger eruption was in 1797.

A small eruption in 1968 was responsible for a lot of erosion and

ash rain for a couple of days in the area.


In the north and centre of the house you will find the open stage.

The five dynamic balls in front of the stage, are the symbols of;


Fire, Earth, Iron, Water and Wood.


In complementary they can form Akasha.


Everything on this stage is possible and up to you, be your self or play what ever you like.

Be the centre of your own world with the never-ending circle of life (Samshara) around you.

You can face yourself in the mirror optional ce face.


As you know life is a stage and we all can play our own role.

If you want to perform don't hesitated.


The stage is yours ...


We are all spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form.

We are all spiritual beings who have occasional human experiences.


To understand us and to live with us, all you need is a cup of understanding,

a barrel of love, and an ocean of patience.

We are that, you are that, all this is that, and that is all there is ...


Enjoy your stay in Akasha.


Namasté 15 December, 2007

The Akasha trustees May all people be happy.

Bahujanahitäya: For the welfare of the all Bahujanasukhäya: For the joy of the all


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