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A gift from Dharmakaya.

It is the natural gift of desire, intention and attention ...

2013 ... I am not ...


Dear Friends


I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the opinions ...

I am nothing what is temporary ... I am the eternal energy and part of the Universe.


My body is just a temporary physical form, I like to compare my body with a rental car.

A car/body that I rent to use for a short or long journey in my life. I contact the rental car agency,

I make an agreement that I will take good care for the car/body, I pick it up at the location of the rental car agency,

then I am free to go and drive everywhere, no limitations on the journey or amount of kilometers.

I can take the highways or I can take the byways, even I can make a detour it is all up to me.

I also can put it in a garage and do nothing but I still have to pay the rent. But when I drive the car for a while,

I need to fill it up with the right full when the tank get empty.

No need to say that I like to drive in a clean car, so I must clean the car in and outside when it is dirty.

Taking care for the rented car/body is a must, because I do not want mechanical or technical problems.


I try to drive safely to prevent accidents, some times I must drive too fast,

then I must be careful that I will not get a fine for that, always driving in the fast lane

is not good for me and not good for the car/body. Sometime I must drive slow due traffic jam or

sometimes I drive slow because I like to enjoy the scenery.

The best thing is to drive at a averaged speed, much better for the engine and better for the energy consumption.

The longer I drive the rented car/body, the more I feel comfortable with it.

But I must be aware that the car/body is just a machine and I am in the driving seat.

So I control the car/body and the car/body is not controlling me.

I have control over everything that happens during the journey.


If I take good care for the rental car/car I have less mechanical problems and need almost no maintenance

and I will spend less time in the workshop but sometimes I need a new filter, sparks, windscreen wipers

and for sure I must keep the tires on the right pressure but that is normal after a certain amount of kilometers.

Sometimes I need a check-up for the rental car/body at a workshop.

And when I finish my journey I bring the car/body back to the rental agency, pay the rent and if there is damage

on the out-or inside, I must pay for the repair, the rental agency will calculate the rental price

and I must pay for the period of use and when everything is settled and done, I move on.

It is clip and clear, I am not the owner of the car/body I just rent and pay the price for the use and the joy of the car/body.


So it is the same with my body, I must pay for the use and must pay for the joy,

I am not the body but I must take care for it during my temporary trip on earth.


I like to see my body as a complex bundle of Energy in a temporally amorphous form, not more and not less.

Energy is the infinite unity of universal masculine and universal feminine force, one who can not exist without the other.

One + One = One, all united.


I am also not my mind.

As I said that I believe that my body is an external instrument, I believe that my mind is an internal instrument.

The mind is cable of tremendous power, I like to compare it with the engine of my rented car.

It is a temporary instrument and I am the driver, the one in the driver-seat and I control the car and the engine.

So the engine/mind is not controlling me !!!

You can use the engine/mind for many things, but when the engine/mind is "one" focused it is in his best mode for the job.

As I said the mind is very powerful and if the mind is running too fast it can run out of control or

even it can have a temporary of fatal crash.


The more pressure I put on the accelerator the faster the engine/mind will run,

the less pressure I put the slower it will run.

It shows clearly that I control the speed of the engine/mind and the engine/mind is not controlling me.

People sometimes share with me that the mind is "driving" them crazy,

but I hope that they realize that it is the other way around.

But putting the car/engine for a long time in the garage is also not good, the car/engine will get rusty.

To work well, the engine needs an impulse from outside, just like the mind.

Our five sensory senses are the input of the mind. When I hear, see, smell, taste or feel, the mind response immediately.

We all know that what we receive via our sensory senses is nothing else then an illusion.

So I need to control my mind because otherwise I will run constantly after the input of the mind,

and then the mind is control and not me. Running after an illusion will bring nothing.

Like everything in life, use the car/engine in the right way and you will have the most joy of it.

Similar it is with the body and the mind, use it in the right way, be in control of it and you have the most benefit and joy of it,


I am also not my opinions ...


All my opinions are based and formed on my former experiences and conditions in the past.

I am conditioned by my environment, my upbringing and by regulations and laws created by others.

And due my ignorance I believed all this nonsense.

I am not blaming anyone because I still believe that they did it with the best intention but ...

In the "rat" races for knowledge, power, money and assets, my innate innocence has given way to desire,

greed and jealousy and all based on fear.

Everyday I will try to convert my opinions in to a form of wisdom that will contribute in the welfare of one and all others.


Recently I learned that when I am able to take out all the empty space of my body,

the remaining temporary material can be stored in the empty shell of a small peanut ...


So what I am ? So what is left?


I am everything, I am eternal energy, I am what I think that I am ... not more and not less.


Realize that everything is based on ignorance and will be updated in time.



28 January, 2013


May all people be happy.