My Story ...


My dear friends,

I am not a born writer, but occasionally I have an

urge to get something on paper.

Believe me it is not a free flow of words and thoughts.

It is a struggle to get something on the screen.


I am just a "Freshman" at "The University of Life" and I try to do

my best. Not more and not less.

In advance I apologize for all my grammatical mistakes and errors.

I am open for corrections, please feel free to contact me.


But at the end, I am always surprised about what is coming from

under my fingers via the keyboard on the screen.

I believe that I am a small part of the big Universe and

that is the reason that I like to share my stories, no intention,

no reason but just sharing.


Like all things in this life, do not believe me

but try to find out for yourself ...


If you like to read on, please go to the subpages "Know Yourself".


11 December 2005

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* Akasha *

A gift from Dharmakaya.

It is the natural gift of desire, intention and attention ...