Akasha from nowhere till now here ...


Foreword by: Jan S. Hijlkema

Dear Michiel,


I have studied and examined your ability as author of this Akasha story.

I expect that it was your intention to be funny.

If that was the case, then I can say you where very successful.

I have no intention to be a pedantic, chronic-crumblier,

but your total essay is "rattling" in every section.

It is a mix of Hinduism, Buddhism, a little Taoism, even a small part of Christianity,

with a light pour-over of Eckhart Tolle!


I really do not know and understand where you raked all those things together,

but for me as an enthusiast of all those world-visions,

I only can say that your epistle is a syncretistic botch.

Maybe I am the only amateur canvasser of all this visions under your friends who is able,

and is in a position to do and say this, so Michiel do not worry too much about it.

All your other friends maybe will like it.

If you really want, then I will give you with respect to the content some comments,

but the question is if it will make you happy?


Once again, Michiel if it was your attention to be funny then your story is great.

What I like to add is; leave your ego behind forever and ever, the ego is just a hindrance,

and real personalities do not need an ego at all.

Only everlasting lying politicians and other power lascivious people they need their ego.

This kind of people ARE only self-esteem, they absolutely do not know them self.

Then just one other remark Michiel, we are not on our way to the end,

but to a great new enormous begin.

It sounds friendlier.


I will hear from you!

Jan *

* Note:

Jan Hijlkema was my boss for a long time; he is also my friend, already for more then 30 years.

He is one of the "great" people in my life (see list on page Dedication).

I changed sections in this story after his comments in respect to Jan and the content.

Jan thanks for your support! You are a real friend.


11 December 2007

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* Akasha *

A gift from Dharmakaya.

It is the natural gift of desire, intention and attention ...