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Ikan Asap Semarang,


A black & white photo/video compilation of fish prepation near the Semarang habor. Local woman cut the fresh fish first then the fish is sun-dried and after that the fish is grilled on a fire of kelapa (coconut) chips. The smoke of the kelapa chips gives the fish a very special and delicate taste. It is sold for a few rupia on the local market. For the woman it is a hard life to prepare the fish, sitting in the smoke for 8 hours a day or even more. But they are happy and smile because they are able to make some money.


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Video of fish processing near the

Semarang harbor by local woman.



Pelabuhan Ikan Semarang,


Pak Slamet and his wife Bu Yuli are one of the many families how try to make a living out of fishing.

Everyday when the weather is okay he and his friends goes out on the sea with his own handmade wooden fishing boat. After a day of hard work on the sea, he returns home with the catch of the day, and then his wife Yuli tries to sell the fish for a good price at the fish factory.

It was in the classic Dutch play "Trusting Our Fate in the Hands of God"/"Op Hoop van Zege" (in 1900 by Herman Heijermans) where Kniertje from Scheveningen spoke the legendary words: " "We pay a high price for the fish"/"De vis wordt duur betaald ...". And that is still true nowaday.

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Video of fishing family near Semarang.


Dewi Sri,


Dewi Sri is believed to have dominion over the underworld and the Moon. Thus, Dewi Sri encompasses the whole spectrum of the Mother Goddess- having dominion over birth and Life: she controls rice: the staple food of Indonesians; hence life and wealth or prosperity; most especially rice surpluses for the wealth of kingdoms in Java such as Mataram, Majapahit and Pajajaran; and their inverse: poverty, famine, hunger, disease (to a certain extent) and Death. She is often associated with the rice paddy snake (ular sawah).

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Video of Dewi Sri (Goddess of Wisdom)

in the garden of Akasha.




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